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We offer a subscription for $19.99 per year. We'll check for and remove your data from the supported sites three times per year, and send you an email summarizing our findings. See the pricing page for more details.

Each year you're subscribed, the first round of opt-outs will start when your payment is received. The second and third rounds of opt-outs will be spread over the year, approximately four and eight months later. After each round of opt-outs is complete, you'll receive an email with the results.

What to know

  1. Make sure data auto-filled by your browser is correct.
  2. This service only works for current and recent residents of the United States.
  3. We'll opt your personal data out of the supported sites. Your professional online presence (e.g. LinkedIn, business website) won't be affected.
  4. We won't change anything about your social media accounts, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other similar sites. Use their built-in privacy controls.
  5. Only your contact email address will be used to contact you. None of the addresses, phone numbers or other email addresses that you provide in the rest of the form will be used to contact you.

Up-front agreements

Would you like your progress to be saved?

Your progress can be saved on your computer so that you can leave and come back to the sign-up form. No data will be sent to us until you submit the form.

Contact email address

We'll send updates about the process to this address.

You'll also use this address to verify your identity if you need to manage your subscription in the future, so make sure you'll have access.

What is your legal name?

Most personal data records are listed under legal names, even for people who don't go by their legal name.

Do you use any names other than your legal name? Have you ever?

Sometimes, personal data records are listed under other names, like short names, nicknames, or maiden names.

Women who've been married: Select "Yes" and enter your current or former spouse's last name, even if you never used it. You might be listed with your spouse's last name.

Other first names

For example, if your legal name is Kimberly and you also go by Kim, enter Kim here.

Other last names

For example, if you used a different last name before you were married, enter it here.

What year were you born?

Your birth year helps us tell you apart from people with the same name in the same city.

Where do you live?

If you have multiple current addresses, enter the one you spend the most time at.

Do you have any other current addresses or own any other properties?

Include other current addresses you spend less time at than your main addresses, like summer or winter homes.

Include residences you own but don't live in. Your name might be linked to them via property records on people-search sites.

Other current address 1

Other current address 2

Where have you lived previously?

Enter the places you lived before moving to your current address, from most to least recent. If you can't fit all of your past addresses, just make sure to include the more recent ones.

Your information can show up with addresses you haven't lived at in decades, so please enter prior addresses even if they're old.

This is essential to identifying your current information even if you don't care about old information showing up online.

Past address 1

Past address 2

Past address 3

What are your phone numbers?

We won't use your phone numbers to contact you.

Include your current phone numbers. Optionally, include your past phone numbers if you'd like us to search for them.

What are your email addresses?

We will only use the contact email address associated with your account to contact you.

The contact email address associated with your account must also be entered here for it to be used for opt-outs.

What are the names of your relatives?

Include relatives by blood and relatives by marriage. Also include people you've lived with for years but aren't related to, like long-term partners and roommates.

Include parents, siblings, children, grandparents, and grandchildren. If you can't fit everyone, prioritize including people you're more closely related to or have lived with longer.

We will not remove your relatives' personal data. We use this information to verify that we are opting out the correct personal data.

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