EasyOptOuts.com Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This page describes how we (EasyOptOuts.com) use the information you (the user of this website) provide to us and what rights you have regarding your information.

This privacy policy is effective as of June 9th, 2021. Any updates to the policy will appear here. To contact us about any privacy-related matters, send an email to contact@easyoptouts.com and we'll get back to you within 2 weeks.

Who this is for

We intend for this service to be used only by current or recent residents of the United States because the sites we can opt you out of are primarily for US residents, and our service doesn't work for residents of other countries.

What we collect

We collect only the information necessary to opt you out, provided explicitly by you, which includes your full name, email addresses, current and past addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, and names of relations. We don't track anything related to your activity on or off our website, so Do Not Track requests are honored by default. Your data is processed in the United States.

When you sign in to manage your subscription, we use a session cookie to identify you for the duration of your session.

What we share

We won't share your data with anyone for any reason except for the purpose of removing you from the supported sites, or if required by law. We will enter your data on the sites we're opting you out of in order to find your records and remove them. The supported sites may change at any time. We'll enter as little information as we think is necessary for each site. Their usage of the data is governed by their own privacy policies. Your data may end up in their control. Your data may end up outside the United States. Please do not share anything with us that you don't want us to enter on the sites we're opting you out of.

Your rights

You have the right to request corrections to your data, to request deletion of your data, to request to know which data we have about you, to request that we copy or transfer your data, and to request that we stop using your data. To exercise any of these rights, please contact us. We will not treat you differently whether you exercise any of these rights or not.

California residents have privacy rights provided by CCPA, among other laws. Residents of the European Union can contact their member state's supervisory authority as defined in GDPR about privacy matters.

If any rights are provided to you by law, we'll honor them even if they're not listed here.

Services we use

These third-party services may come into contact with your data.

Google Cloud
Our IT infrastructure, including our website, databases, and other servers run on Google Cloud. Your data is stored in a Google Cloud database in the United States that's encrypted at rest. Your data is processed by us on Google Cloud servers in the United States.
We use Mailgun to send emails to our customers. Emails sent to you via Mailgun may contain some of your personal information. We don't use any of Mailgun's optional tracking options.
Paypal handles our billing. PayPal collects your billing information directly and doesn't share any of it with us.
Google Workspace
When you email us, you're emailing an inbox hosted by Google Workspace.