Your personal information is all over the internet. We'll help you opt out. Only $19.99 per year.

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Protect yourself from hacking, phishing, doxing, and stalking.

Your name, address, and phone number are available for anyone to view on people-search sites. Unless you opt out, your privacy is compromised.

We make it easy and affordable to remove yourself from over 160 websites.

SIGN UP - $19.99/YEAR
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We believe that everyone has the right to privacy.

We think it's wrong for websites to share our data without our permission.

Our mission is to provide easy opt-outs at a price that everyone can afford.

How it works

1. Enter your data

Fill out the sign-up form. We don't need anything sensitive like your ID or SSN.

2. Scan and opt out

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We search for your data on the supported sites. Wherever you're found, we opt you out! You don't need to do anything.

3. Reports

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Once we're done, we'll email you a report to tell you where you were opted out.

Why choose EasyOptOuts?

  • Affordable: a fraction of the price of other similar services.
  • Independent: no ties to the data brokers we're opting you out of, and no investor pressure, unlike some competitors.
  • Thorough: we search for all combinations of your name and address to find records that would be missed otherwise.
  • Private: we ask you for as little of your information as is necessary, and we don't share any of your data for any reason except to perform opt-outs.
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About us

We're Ben and Tyler. We're childhood friends who've been building things together since we were kids.

It's just us. We're US-based, investor-free, debt-free, and independent of any pressure to compromise our values or your privacy.

We looked ourselves up and were surprised by how much of our personal information was visible to the public without our consent. We removed our information from each site, but it was difficult and time-consuming. Each site had a unique opt-out process, usually requiring us to identify exactly where our information appeared on the site.

We considered using existing paid services to opt us out, but they were too expensive. We decided to make our own, more affordable service, to make privacy more accessible.

United States privacy laws aren't adequate to stop these sites. We hope that online privacy becomes a right someday so that our service is no longer necessary.

SIGN UP - $19.99/YEAR