EasyOptOuts.com Pricing

$19.99 per year

We charge $19.99 per person per year. You will be billed for the whole year when you sign up. Subsequent payments will be processed yearly around the anniversary of your initial sign-up.

The first set of opt-outs will occur shortly after you sign up and then at four month intervals.

What you get

Three times per year, we will:

You can cancel at any time and we'll stop running opt-outs and delete all the information we have about you.

Frequently-asked questions

Why is this a subscription instead of a one-time service?
People-search sites and data brokers add new data all the time. Many re-add data that has already been removed, either because they don't keep track of what's been removed, or because they don't recognize your data as belonging to the same person. Performing opt-outs regularly ensures that your personal information stays off these sites.
Are there family/friends plans or other discounts?
No, but we offer the lowest prices around, regardless.